String Fab: Wrap up

Above is the final product as extruded at it’s lowest fixable height. Although the top resides at a mere 14″ from the ground, I find this setting to display the most tensioning as well as rigidity. When fully extruded to the top setting, at a 24″ height, the strings become completely vertical and perpendicular to the rings.


This is an accelerated video of the robot tool path operation. We did not complete the entire weave due a few ‘on the fly’ tool path iterations as well as time restrictions. In future circumstances the path looping around each nail would be significantly larger.

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The wall-mount as well as the robotic arm fixture attachment were laser cut out of 1/4″ acrylic. nails were later tapped into position with a bit of glue. The pieces were then re-assembled into what would be mounted on the wall and operated on by the robot. We wove the remainder of the string by hand as we ran out of time. The rest of the “table” was assembled and ready for the extrusion process.

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One Response to String Fab: Wrap up

  1. tomstrocity says:

    Me likey, You guys did a good job on this. I really like the progress that was made on it.

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