Strait Hot Wire

This is another hot wire profile that we are exploring. These two methods will produce very different forms. We hope to use these two forms to help us produce the final table.

This is the wood profile that will hold the hot wire and be attached to the robotic arm.

This is the shape that we will cut out. then use these pieces as a module system to create the final patter that will be the support material. We will need to do some small studies to see if we can deform Plexiglass to take on the form.

An exploration of some of the possible shapes we can produce once we deconstruct the foam blocks. we will decide the final form once we have to foam pieces cut out and can truly see what shapes we can make.

Jason Courtemanche
Thom Boessel

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One Response to Strait Hot Wire

  1. mdatrimble says:

    It would be great to see some vision for what the final table might be. I think if you could generate a few images depicting what you hope to achieve, it will serve you well in helping to guide your process.

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